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Benefits of Retaining ‘Outside Design Services’

1) No facilities investment required by client company
2) Faster project start-up; expertise in specific disciplines available immediately
3) Project risk transferred outside
4) Advantage in using outside company as liaison between company and vendors/suppliers

At Tooling Design, we understand what it takes to get a product from concept, through design and development and into the production stage of manufacturing. We work with your development team in a way that provides a confluence of energies in the design stream, so that disruptions in the normal day-to-day flow of work are kept to a minimum.

Having the experience to know what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do and how to do it. We believe in the value of using CAD/CAE tools together with great communication within the development team. Making sure everyone is on the same page is a primary concern, and you should pick a design consultant with these essential tenets in mind, when you consider using outside sourcing for your development project.

Another consideration is whether or not the outside source has direct experience in manufacturing processes. This isn’t 1969, so you can’t afford to be wrong too many times or you won’t have the resources to complete the project. Everything has to be done in the shortest possible time, and with the offshore manufacturing entities breathing down your neck, you can’t afford to miss that ever-shrinking market window, especially with a consumer-product development project.


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