Tooling, Machinery, Product Design


Tooling Design provides complete engineering design packages for manufacturers in several disciplines:

Tooling Design

Tooling comprises just about everything in manufacturing. Strictly speaking, it normally means fixtures or work-holding devices which aid in the machining or fabrication of parts. However, in recent years it has come to mean anything in the factory that isn’t people or product and the connotation varies widely between different industries. Expertise includes experience in the design of Lathe and Milling Fixtures and complex Military Aircraft Tooling as well.

Automatic Machinery

Automatic machinery can be anything from a simple Pick & Place Mechanism to a completely automatic production line which would assemble certain components into other components without being touched by human hands. Expertise includes many types of machinery including Corrugated Packaging Machinery, Steel and Aluminum Mills, and process equipment for the Rubber Industry.

Product Design

Includes anything which will be produced in quantity.
We have direct design experience in Office Equipment, Medical and Surgical Instruments and everything from small Plastic_Components to Firearms.

General Mechanism

This would involve the synthesis and analysis of the geometric location and operation of an assemblage of components which would be designed to perform a particular function. We have generated Math Models for a number of projects, where knowing the predictability of operation and accuracy of the mechanism was essential before manufacturing.


Tooling Design
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